Ricoh Aficio G500 Printer Driver Download & Support

Wednesday, November 25th 2015. | Ricoh

Ricoh Aficio G500 Driver Download & Support Guide Installation

Ricoh Aficio G500

Ricoh Aficio G500

Ricoh Aficio G500 has developed a brand new process called color printing GelSprinter developed which is now used within the two new Aficio items. Both the Ricoh Aficio G500 as good as G700 promises up to 14 color A4 pages per minute, the greater G700 is, nevertheless, organized with a duplex unit and a handbook paper feed. Both printers are coming onto the market in June and rate about 380 or 520 euros. The combination of speedy drying thick ink, revolutionary vast print heads, and a responsible exchange belt-sustaining framework, makes the Ricoh Aficio G500 printer varied to whatever on hand in these days. The Ricoh Aficio G500 printer components stage color, a print mode that therefore lessens the ink thickness of illustrations and pix at the same time preserving up common thickness for content material. The outcome is obvious, easy to-peruse content joined with eye-getting shading illustrations and portraits at an fee for every print that speaks the reality the same as dark & white.

Within the method GelSprinter a viscous liquid gel is used rather of oldĀ ink, which is not drawn into the paper, but adhesion between the fiber layers of the paper stays and must dry very rapid. As a result of this, the colors should no longer run according Ricoh and smudge and water and be extra steady than colour ink prints. Yet another knowledge: When the duplex printing GelSprinter can right away move again in the paper after printing the primary page and on printers, while not having to insert a waiting time. A conveyor belt transports the paper by way of the printer (see snapshot). Jams must as a consequence occur essentially not. One other innovation is the level color mode, which should be equipped to distinguish between textual content and pics when printing. Texts it prints with the traditional ink film thickness, photographs and photographs however only one half of as thick layer, with the intention to store colour.

With a purpose to keep the consumption charges as little as viable, Ricoh has devised for the Geltanks some thing new: The GelSprinter printers have two separate tanks for each color, specifically the cartridge and one more, small tank within the printhead. Both are linked to a hose by means of which the gel flows from the cartridge to the printhead. Simply before the nearby tank is empty, it is refilled. In accordance Ricoh a feed pump ensures that the ink in the cartridge is consumed thoroughly. At the same time can be reconciled with the still full printhead tanks the current print job simply but. The cartridges will also be with ease changed from the entrance of the printer. Both Aficio printers come at a highest resolution of 1,200 dpi. They are pushed via a USB 1.1 interface, optional is also an Ethernet interface to have.

How To Properly Download The Ricoh Aficio G500 Drivers:

  1. Note on the link Driver download that below.
  2. Search file Driver that corresponds to your operating system gunkan.
  3. Please click on the link download Driver Ricoh Aficio G500.
  4. Select the directory you will save the file Ricoh Aficio G500 drivers (just select in partition:/D in order to later easily search at the moment will be installed)
  5. Wait a few moments until the Download Ricoh Aficio G500 Complete Driver.
  6. If Ricoh Aficio G500 Download Driver has been complete, and then reopen the folder you saved the file directory of the Ricoh Aficio G500 Driver, search for the file format.

Please click text link below for download Ricoh Aficio G500 Driver :

The Way Ricoh Aficio G500 Quick Installation Drivers For Windows OS:

  1. Open the back files of Ricoh Aficio G500 Driver Download on the folder that you created earlier.
  2. Double click on the File Ricoh Aficio G500 Driver (files with extension .exe)
  3. Wait a few moments for file extraction process Ricoh Aficio G500 drivers.
  4. If the extraction process is complete, it will proceed to the installation process, click the accept button to continue the installation process.
  5. Follow the instructions that appear on the computer screen until you see the Finish button at the end of the installation process of Ricoh Aficio G500 drivers, click on the Finish button.
  6. If you have successfully done a Ricoh Aficio G500 installation process driver, Please restart your computer in order for Printer Ricoh Aficio G500 can function perfectly.
  7. Once your computer back to life again, take a sheet of A4 paper for printing to experiment.
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